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Born and raised in Morocco, Yasmine lived in New York for four years attending Columbia University where she studied and led research in fields as diverse as political sciences, mathematics, anthropology, film, or linguistics. In 2016, she directed her first documentary short film: The Travel Curiosity, on her father’s love for travelling, premiered at the Mediterranean Film Festival of Alexandria, Egypt. Last year, she moved to Paris where she attended the Experimental Programme in Political Arts at Sciences Po Paris (SPEAP) under the direction of Bruno Latour, a program at the intersection of arts, sciences, political and social sciences.

Yasmine is currently developing other projects: Allah Made Me Queer, a documentary short film exploring the intersection of Islam and queerness, and Ojalà: la vuelta al origen, a documentary feature film on the dance and music of the Palestinian diaspora of Santiago, Chile.

She is also one of the three artists that make up MYST, a multidisciplinary collective currently focussing on an exhibition on borders in contemporary conflicts.