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Born and raised in Morocco, I lived in New York for four years studying film and mathematics at Columbia University. In 2016, I directed my first documentary short film: “The Travel Curiosity”, on my father’s love for travelling. I then moved to Paris where I attended the Experimental Programme in Political Arts at Sciences Po (SPEAP).

After making my second short “Observational” on images of surveillance, I directed “Ojalá: la vuelta al origen”, a feature documentary on the dance of the Palestinian diaspora of Santiago, Chile. As a complement to the film, I am now developing “Its people, its sky, its scent”, a video installation on finding Chile in Palestine.

I am currently working on other projects: “Allah Made Me Queer”, a documentary short exploring the intersection of Islam and queerness, and “Moussem Trans(e)”, a documentary feature on a pilgrimage in Morocco between religion, sorcery, dance, and trans identities.

I am also one of the three artists that make up MYST, a multidisciplinary collective currently focusing on an exhibition on how borders relate to words and the body.